Escape From Rochester (Camp Nano July’14 project) Character Profile 15

This is the 15th in a series of character profiles for my upcoming July Camp Nano project – Escape from Rochester.

Thirty-two students & their friends need to get out of Rochester before the gods’-war destroys everything. How will they make it out – and how many of them will survive?

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Ric Wilkins, Packaging Science major

Ric found faith late in life, and he found it because he had a particular interest in Cadens.

He had a couple first-year classes with Cadens, and from her found out about Interfaith Council. It sounded like a fun time (to be fair, he’d been smoking quite a bit…) so he went along, to see what it was all alike.

Maybe it was his altered state, maybe it was something in the air, maybe the hand of god really did come down and touch him, but Ric has been devout ever since. Exactly what he’s devout at is up to question, but he appears to be very strong in his faith in… something.

Even when he’s clear-headed – which isn’t often – Ric has a hard time putting into words what it is he believes. He knows that he believes it very strongly, however, and that coupled with his easy-going attitude mean that the rest of the Interfaith Council puts up with him, even when they’d really rather not.

Ric looks like a classic surfer – shaggy, frizzy blonde hair to his shoulders, sun baked skin, blue bloodshot eyes. He’s far skinnier than he has any right to be, all things considered, and slouches such that his already-medium-height of 5’9″ appears to be closer to 5’2″

He likes origami, a lot, as well as any other form of fitting pieces together, and got into Packaging Science because he thought it would be cool – which is has been, at least on good days. He’s not a very good friend – he weasels out of everything – but in the moment, he’s pretty friendly.

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