Escape From Rochester (Camp Nano July’14 project) – Notes and Characters Landing Page

Escape from Rochester (Camp Nano July ’14 Project)

Character Profiles

Profile 1: Lewis
(and roommate Rob, girl Annelle, Oak & Rowan group, Tuesday night D&D)
Profile 2: Emmett
(and Friday night Shadowrun, Jo & Cadey, Annelle’s Samhain party)
Profile 3: Jennifer Walker
(with Rob & Lewis)
Profile 4: Jordan Taylor (with Anelle, Jo & Cady)
Profile 5: Mary Dorian Smithsen (With Terry, Anelle, Oak & Rowan group)
Profile 6: Jason (with Oak & Rowan, Craig)
Profile 7: Galen (with Emmett, Candy, Ess)
Profile 8: Sophia (With Oak & Rowan, Craig, Jason, Ess, Galen)
Profile 9: Byron (with Dorian)
Profile 10: Kim (w/ Oak&Rowan, Raven)
Profile 11: Douglas (with Aih, Anelle, Jordan, Oak&Rowan, Raven)
Profile 12: Rebecca (With Interfaith Council)
Profile 13: Brendan (With Interfaith, unnamed girl)
Profile 14: Cadens (with Interfaith, Brendan, Rob)
Profile 15: Ric (With Cadens, Interfaith)
Profile 16: Kendra (With Interfaith, Oak & Rowan, etc.)

Prequel Vignettes

Vignette: Lewis (with Blake, Joanne, Carley, Rob, thursday Swamp drinks)
Vignette: Emmett (With DK, Jo-and-Cady)
Vignette: Jennifer (with Raven)
Vignette: Jordan (with Raven)
Vignette: Dorian (with Raven)
Vignette: Jason (with Raven, Craig, Glory)

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