Summary of the Last Week-Plus

Last Summary
First 3 Weeks in the Apocalypse
Last Week in the Apocalypse

My new Patreon Page

Leaves in this Tree

The Collar Job, Part XVI
The Collar Job, Part XVII

Kicking Out Unwelcome Guests Baram’s House Elves

Eriko Boom/Cynara/Boomtown post-year-50

Old Stories & Old Fates Fairy Town

Edally Academy: The Angry Aetheristnew serial!
The Angry Aetherist, Chapter Two

Blaecleah – yr 27 – A continuation of Addergoole
Change of Plans
Backing Out and Walking In

Escape from Rochester
Profile 14: Cadens (with Interfaith, Brendan, Rob)
Prequil Vignette 5: Dorian
Prequel Vignette 6: Jason
Profile 15: Ric (with Caden, Interfaith)
Profile 16: Kendra

Life in this Forest

Journaling Try 1 Day 1
Anniversary Saturday – Wine and BBQ
Recipe Log: Chocolate Avocado Pudding
Garden: Planting!
How my “Pick a random Number” Process on Twitter mostly works

Other Trees

ItsAMellama’s Pay-what-you-want Icon Day
Read demifiction of Aunt Family, written by dialecticdreamer
Written to My Prompt: Forign Streets
City & Town Name Generator!

Feedback Wanted

A Different Sort of Prompt Request
Themes Ideas for Patreon campaign
More, Please – which stories to more, please?
See Other Addergoole Characters go through the Apoc?
Interest Check: digital/print format gathering faeapoclive together?

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