Weekend. Weekend. WEEKEND!

Really, really nice weekend.

We went to a wine festival (yeah, again 😉 It’s the Finger Lakes) Saturday morning. “Winestock,” 45 minutes up the lake at Three Brothers Winery.

There were 15 wineries there – in addition to the three wineries and the brewery that mae up Three Brothers – and we stopped at Zugibie’s (right down the road) beforehand.

There was a lot of wine.

There was a lot of wine.

There was a LOT of wine.

After the rout (rout? Fourth.) table, everything tasted very, very good.


Then there was LARP, and .. sleep. Nice sleep. good LARP. And today I played with raised beds and with the garden. And cleaned house, and watched Supernatural.

It was pretty good wine.

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  1. Yay wine! I have managed to work through almost all the wine I got when I visited… Three or four years ago. Mmmmm wine.

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