Edally Academy web page up & suggestions wanted:

The Edally Academy has a web page!


And, now that it’s up, I’m remembering that Project Wonderful wants 100 (30) pages before they let you have ads on the site.

Which means, since I have 8 chapters and 2 interludes up, I’d like to add a few short metafiction pieces, outtakes, descriptive scenes, worldbuilding lists, whathave you.

They shouldn’t be more than 250 words a pop, so they’re easy enough to do, but I could use some suggestions.

Alternately, do you think any of the demifiction listed here: http://aldersprig.dreamwidth.org/781726.html might be useful to readers of Edally who aren’t familiar with the world as a whole?

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2 thoughts on “Edally Academy web page up & suggestions wanted:

  1. I followed your link, and while your header loads, the main body of the page is a 404 file not found error. Did the start page get taken down? And I loved all the demi fiction, and much of it seems to be things the students might read. So I say add it!

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