Letter Home

Dear Caroline,

I made it through the first month of school. That was hard enough. No internet! Not that I had time to worry about it.

Things are weird here. The upperclassmen are just about monsters. The older kids are rough, of course. There’s a lot of hazing, and one of the other first-year students got pretty messed up. They call it Hell Night. I understand why.

I think I’ll be able to come home for Christmas, but… things are weird. Um. You know how you always joked about us looking more like two girls than boyfriend and girlfriend, or how I could always wear your jeans? Well, things are…

“Nev!” The pounding on the door was augmented by a voice through the intercom. “Nev, come on!”

Nevada slipped out of the chair and headed for the door, the letter left forgotten on the desk.

Well, things are different now.

Then again, they usually were.

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