Be a Tie-Breaker for my October Theme Poll

So, yesterday I opened the October Theme Poll, and the three September ≥$5 donors/patrons voted nearly immediately.

And I have a three-way tie between
1. Stranded World (Setting)
5. Impossible situations (motif)
9. Dragons Next Door (Setting)

Want to be my tie-breaker?

(It’s now Stranded World 2 and Impossible situations 2)

Become a Patreon Patron at the $5 level or higher OR Commission something via Paypal at least $5.

As a Patreon patron, you’ll have access to Patreon-only fiction. Donate $6 or more, and you’ll also put us over the threshold for a second chapter on both serials this Sunday, and get the Patreon that much closer to the first donation threshold.

Commission a story, and I’ll write you your very own fiction, 250 words for every $5.

All that, and you’ll be able to break the tie, thus single-handedly deciding the fate of my October writing AND possibly the October Giraffe Call.

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