October Theme Poll Open!

This month’s Theme Poll options are:
1. Stranded World (Setting)
2. Fae Apoc (Setting)
3. Love Stories (motif)
4. Hurt/Comfort (motif)
5. Impossible situations (motif)
6. micro-flash-fiction (type)
7. Demifiction (type)
8. Vas’ World (Setting)
9. Dragons Next Door (Setting)
10. Obsession (motif)

Want a vote?
Become a Patreon Patron at the $5 level or higher OR Donate via Paypal at least $5.

(If you have donated or commissioned $5 or more during September, then you are entitled to a vote, yes)

During the month, I will post at least one piece a week, probably more, on that theme. If I chose to do a Giraffe Call that month, that will be the theme of the Call. If the Patreon campaign reaches the $75 goal level, the short story will be written within that theme.

If Patreon gets to the $150/month goal level, there will be a Q&A with a character that fits into the month’s theme.

Progress towards first Patreon Goal:

Donations and Patreon patronage help:

  • Pay for web space
  • Buy character art from crowdfunded artists
  • Make posting free fiction, like web-serials & microfics, a cost-viable use of time.
  • Buy the author tasty teas

And I appreciate every cent!

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