Character Description: The Samurai Catboy


Austin is Jenner’s grandson, which matters only for my notes.

He has sandy blonde hair, generally tousled and sun-bleached.

His face is shaped like this guy:×540/fit/hostedimages/1379755857/164716.jpg but he’s a very smiley sort, always grinning.

His skin is sun-baked, darkly tanned. His eyes are light hazel.

He’s a short kid, he’ll eventually reach around 5’6″ tall, wiry, athletic.

He has cat ears – tawny yellow, like a ginger kitty, with white fuzz on the inside – whiskers, and a long kitty tail (long-furred, so like )

He’s wearing a simple black kimono ( with a white under kimono and a grey-black-and-white plaid obi (pardon if terms are off, it’s been a long time)

What am I missing?

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