The Two Weeks In Alder

The Highlights

What Follows is Live!

Prompt Me
~Leave a prompt, get a microfiction~
Cave & Dungeon Prompt Call – Submissive or Captured Men

Edally Academy Chapter Twelve: If You Call It a Fish, People Will Expect It to Swim
Jumping Rings Chapter Seven: Taslin

Blog Posts
A beginning of a basic overview of starting a webserial
Everyone Else is Doing It: October Goals

Patreon Fic
Family Reunion, for the Genderfunk Call
The Shape-Wizard’s Apprentice

A Few Stories
Hallowe’en’s Past, a ficlet for the Genderfunk call
Rock, Hard, Now What?, for the Dungeon Call
(Not Actually Demifiction) of Inner Circle – Whoops for the Demifiction Prompt Call
The Lands of the Circled Plain, a… setting story? for #3ww

What Follows
The Creation of a Story: How I Wrote My Piece for “What Follows”
The Creation of the Faerie Apocalypse Setting

Prompt Me
Bisexual Characters
LadiesBingo Card still open!
Demifiction Prompts still Open
Mini-Prompt-Call: Genderfunkyness

Dungeon Call Stories
A Rescue, of Sorts
Aftercare, a story of Tír na Cali
Strong Enough?

Other Stories
The Ship That Visited, a story for the Giraffe Call
The Manticore, a story for the Giraffe Call
Samurai have Friends a continuation of Doomsday for the Giraffe Call

Letter Home, a story of Addergoole for the Genderfunk Call
Hard Hat & Easy Choices, a ficlet for the Genderfunk call
Seeking Roommate, a ficlet of Stranded World for the Genderfunk call

At Asta’s Funeral, a story of Aunt Family for LadiesBingo

Introductions, a continuation of Reynard
One Hundred Eight Roses, a drabble of Addergoole
Doomsday Academy First Day of Camping Club
Classrooms of Doomsday

Theme Poll for =$5 Donors
Poll Opens
Be a Tie-Breaker

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