Thimbleful Thursday: A Piece of Cake

“Okay, so, first we need to break into the Library…” Asha ticked it off on an invisible white board.

“Piece of cake.” Tonya didn’t even look up from burnishing her nails.

“Then we need to break into the Rare Books Vault…”


“And then we need to break the spell on the book, which will include casting a ritual circle in less than a three-foot-wide space, and not setting off either the spell-based alarms or the motion detectors while doing so.”

“What, all of that while balancing on our heads? Come on, give us a challenge. Piece of cake.” Tonya grinned over her well-filed nails at Asha.

“…and, once we have the book in our hands, we need to get out of the Rare Books Vault, get out of the Library, get off campus and back to the apartment, and then we’ll need another ritual circle, which, at least we have, to get the information properly out of the the book. And then put it all back – though that’s the easy part.”

Tonya’s grin grew bigger. “I’m telling you, Asha. It’s a piece of cake.”

“And what do we get out of it?”

Her roommate gestured broadly. “The world’s best piece. Of. Cake.”

To Today’s Thimbleful Prompt, “Piece of Cake,” 204 words

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