Amongst the Wrifflites

Written to [personal profile] lilfluff‘s prompt.

It was fine for Tan, moving through the Wriffle crowds. It was fine, dealing with the way that Wrifflites would flirt and grin and pat-ass and cuddle and kiss. Tan found it relaxing, actually, chatting up a boss or a co-worker and having a comment about sex slide into the mix; going out to the bar and having drinks bought, one after another. It was fun. Tan had never been an introvert, no matter what the family thought.

The problem wasn’t the Wriffle. The problem was when family came to visit, or friends from home, or, worse, friends from home with their friends from home. Then things got mixed, messed, and tangled.

“So you’ve finally gotten over this no-sex thing?” Roan would ask, or

“I don’t see why you’re so bent out of shape. You’re the one who teased me,” Je would complain, and Tan would be left trying to decide whether to explain or just move on. Everyone in Wriffle, not just in the cities but out in the farmland, everyone kissed hello and good-bye, everyone made outrageous suggestions. Nobody expected you to follow through; that wasn’t how flirting actually worked for Wrifflites. Truth be told, Tan wasn’t entirely certain how sex worked for them – and that was entirely fine.

If only the friends and family would be fine with it, too.

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