Tricked Out for Her Pleasure… a drabble of Tír na Cali for the Giraffe Call

The first thing Lady Stefania did when she bought Joe was take him to a cosmetic witch, who grew out the hair on his head – kept buzzed, but black and luxurious when let to grow – until it reached his knees, and removed all the hair on the rest of his body.

The second thing that Lady Stefania did was exchange the plastic-and-steel slave shop collar for a torque of gold and silver and matching shackles. By the time Joe swum out from under the be-happy-be-obedient drugs the slave shop had doped him with, he was bejeweled, shackled, pierced in places he didn’t want to thing about, and lying on his stomach on a bed covered in silk.

It took him a few minutes to realize that the blanket around him was actually his hair, and a little longer to realize that he was actually shackled this way. By the time he thought to panic, he’d also realized that there was a naked elf sitting next to him.

Not elf, he realized, after a moment of confusion. She was just an amazingly elfin woman, pointed nose, pointed chin, and a slender body that couldn’t be more than five feet tall when she was standing.

Which she wasn’t. She was actually – his butt clenched – in the process of straddling him, her hands on his shoulders. Joe bucked, but that only made her chuckle.

“I didn’t expect a rodeo ride… but I’ll take it if that’s what you want.” Her fingers splayed across his back, pushing into the tissue, startling Joe. “I was thinking I’d give you a bit of a massage – if you hold still. And maybe braid your hair.” Her other hand stroked through the blanket across Joe’s back, pushing it to one side. “Long hair and bare skin is such a fun combination, and your hair – and skin – are both so pretty.”

Written to [personal profile] wyld_dandelyon‘s Prompt.

Set in the Tír na Cali ‘verse; Cali has a landing page here –

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