April A-Z Blogging Challenge: K is for Knitting (etc)

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K is for knitting and kisses and kites

Good topics!

Knitting! I was going to start with the Oldest Egyptian Socks I’d just found last night whilst Googling Old Clothes, and then, while looking for sources, found this Blog Post on Knitting and the Oldest Egyptian Socks (which were made with Nålebinding, but hey, it’s close).

In my current quest to figure out Everything about Reiassan, I’ve been googling the oldest extant clothes, which is how I ended up finding the the Oldest Egyptian Socks. It’s not the first time I’ve come across Egyptian Socks, though, in my Reiassan research – I knit, so I was looking for evidence that the Calenyena might have picked up knitting early on in their timeline. (Further evidence shows that Egyptians did, indeed, knit as well as do nålebinding, so that works out.)

But that part of Reiassan started because someday, someday, I want to cosplay my setting. Probably at least two different eras of it (That’s what I get for writing a millennia-spanning setting). And when I started really getting into Reiassan was about the same time I started getting into knitting.

It’s kind of sad. I started getting into knitting because my baby cousin was having her first baby. She’s got three kids now and that first blanket still isn’t done.

I haven’t knit all that much since we got the house, actually, though I keep meaning to start again. It’s a nice thing to do with my hands that doesn’t take up all that much brainspace; it’s more relaxing that surfing the internet and more productive, too. *looks at pile of yarn and incomplete projects* also, it’s free, at this point.

Maybe I’ll do that. And blog about that, too. As well as the Fashion History of Reiassan and Homeland.

And, ah, kisses are nice and we used to fly kites every Easter and whoops look at that, out of time!

Catch you tomorrow for L~

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3 thoughts on “April A-Z Blogging Challenge: K is for Knitting (etc)

  1. <warm fuzzies> I read a different article on the ancient Egyptian socks a while back, and squeee! 🙂 (Of course, I’m mostly a crochetter, and that’s a relatively modern art.)

    • *googles* hunh, yeah, it looks like it is. The Egyptian socks please me in a very strange way. I find it odd, though, that I could find only two dubious reconstructions – it’s not like people don’t practice nålebinding in the SCA, and they’ve reconstructed almost everything else (bog dresses, Castle bras…)

      • One of my friends who’s in the SCA, who knits and weaves and half a dozen other arts, occasionally gives me friendly grief about this strange modern thing I do. 🙂 I’d thought the reconstruction I read about was done by someone SCA-ish … <pokes google> I didn’t remember the split toe, and may have been reading about some other old bit of surviving footwear.

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