Help me create a meta-fictional fandom & female super-hero


Imagine a world very much like ours, except, through some twist of fate, a major comic book publisher managed to create a female super-hero whose path followed something like Batman’s/Superman’s in our world.

She got a long-running TV show in the 60’s, movies in the 70’s, then a reboot in the early 90’s and another reboot around 2010. The comic strip has spawned dozens of side-lines. There have been animated shows and even a brief musical. Fanfiction abounds. Fan wars abound.

She would have first appeared in a Wonder Worlds Comics (Often called, because of its logo, V4 or V4C) in the mid-30’s.


She needs a name. It needs to be a woman or lady or anything that isn’t girl, please.
It also needs to be not something that already shows up on a Google search, ’cause this is showing up in to-be-published work. <.<

I would like for her to have a super-power of some sort, and a secret identity.

edited to add: now I have two! Waterwoman/Liquid Lady and the Aerialist!

I’m leaning more towards Bruce Wayne than Clark Kent in this secret identity, even though such heros don’t usually have superpowers.

She needs at least 2 sidekicks, pref. with catchphrases, one male and one female.

A trademark villain or two wouldn’t be bad, either.

And anything else you can think of!

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7 thoughts on “Help me create a meta-fictional fandom & female super-hero

  1. The Aerial Woman, or The Aerialist, first featured as a villain in a short story called ‘Aerial Warfare’. She was later reworked into the daughter of the head of Aeronautics company who’s experiments with Personal Flight, intended for military use, gave her the power of flight and super strength. (It was early days, those powers where brand new then) She runs of and joins a circus using her powers for an Aerial act, but when her parents are killed she is forced to take over the company and uses it to become a superhero guarding the city. Her sidekicks could be circus acts related, possibly enhanced with the tech of her company. That parallels a couple of things.

    • Hm, the circus angle has me thinking. Villain: the Ringmaster, a mentalist with a talent for large-scale mind control. The Aerialist escaped the Ringmaster somehow, and he’d rather like to have her back working for him. Might explain her original appearance as a villain. Sidekick, and I’m not at all sure how to make this work, or even a proper name. The lady who the magician always saws in half? Someone who can actually be sawn in half (by voluntarily detaching her lower body at the cut line) without harm, and while retaining full control and sensation in the detached parts. Imagine being able to pull off a hand and send it running around a la Thing from the Addams Family, or doing anything that an independent limb in a zombie movie could do. (Particular fun: add a wireless camera to the mix, so she can see what the detached body part(s) are doing.)

      • Another sidekick: an animal trainer who can actually talk to the animals and understand what they say in return. He has no particular control over them, but he has enough empathy with animals, and understands them well enough, that he can usually persuade them to do what he wants them to. Sometimes, though, the critter doesn’t quite understand what’s wanted, or decides to do something else…

  2. Oh, how FUN! I suggest The Librarian as one of the villians – someone reverent about books and bent on making things SILENT, who kills off anyone being noisy. (Including planning to destroy entire cities…)

  3. If she currently has a corporate ‘civilian’ life, should one of the recurring villains also have a corporate identity?

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