Ideas for Novellas

It occurred to me that I could and possibly should try writing a novella (10K words) every second month (because I could work on something longer-form in the off months).

So here is an incomplete list of things I want to write long form stories on:
* A proper intro to Tir na Cali
* Fires of Gobann
* Rock and a Hard Place (see first: Rock, Hard, Now What?)
* Prince Rodegard (first: here)
* The Kaa-tah (here)

Hunh, last time I counted 8.

* Space Accountant
* The Tod’cxeckz’ri Paper
* Beekeeper
* Pet Story

Edited to add:
* Doomsday Academy

Edited Edited to add:

something I’m starting from a relatively short piece. That leaves out The Tod’cxeckz’ri Paper, Beekeeper, makes Rock and a Hard Place & Space Accountant questionable.

Something I know I can have fun writing.
That leaves out Doomsday & makes Space Accountant & Kaa-Tah Questionable.

Easy/no worldbuilding?
Makes Prince Rodgeard & Subverse questionable.

Something with easy plotting?
Tir na Cali & Fires of Gobann.

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6 thoughts on “Ideas for Novellas

  1. Lots of options! How does that compare to your usual monthly story-word output? Would you want to let a novella displace other thing you might write, or are you aiming to add on?

    • Displace a bit, add on a little. Make it the “project” for the month At current counts, that still leaves me 10-15K to write on other things!

    • I thought about them, but they’re in a weird place for it. I mean, I could probably get a 17K novella written out of them including what I already have… (oh, in further answer to your earlier question: I write approx 20K/month, though I’d like to get up to 30K)

      • <nod> Do you have a plan for your novellas? Sell to publishers, self-publish, just practice …? I don’t know whether turning most-of-the-way stories into finished stories would serve your purpose or not.

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