Appppppples (did I mention apples?)

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It’s Apple Season!

so far, we’ve made “crock pot cider” (cook quartered apples until squishy, strain) and “boiled cider” (also known as apple cider syrup: boil down cider until the consistency of maple syrup). We’ve also cooked apple cake, apple coffee cake, and apple pie, apple risotto and apple-butternut soup.

Next on the list are apple sauce, apple chutney, and apple butter, as well as apple cookies, apple-and-sausage savory pies, and apple kale soup. 

Anyone have a favorite apple recipe, esp. one that cans or freezes well?

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4 thoughts on “Appppppples (did I mention apples?)

  1. Mmmmmm… Apple sauce… Apple butter… Sorry, all our apple products were always store bought, though I’m getting better at baking my own apple pies

  2. Mmmmm, boiled cider. That’s good stuff. has an apple salsa recipe that’s tasty that I can bug him for, but I’ve only had it fresh and don’t know if it would can. He also makes a savory pie with a beef, apple, and onion filling that’s strange but tasty, and makes sauteed apples and onions (I like that with sage) as a side dish sometimes. I’m fond of dutch apple pancakes (sautee apples in an ovenproof pan, put pancake or biscuit batter over them, then either bake, or cover and cook on the stove then brown under the broiler). The apple-cheddar-cabbage-potato pierogis turned out well, but that’s a lot of fuss and doesn’t use up that many apples.

    • The filling for the savory pie should at least theoretically can well, though I’ve never tried. It’s my take on a colonial-era mincemeat — it’s actually got meat in, and meant as dinner rather than dessert. Apples, beef, onions, assorted warm spices, brown sugar, salt, and a bit of brandy. Let me know if you’d like the recipe; it’s one I’ve altered heavily from original source. ETA: This filling definitely freezes well, though it tends to be wetter once it thaws. Keep the extra liquid and cook it down some; that’s where all your spices are. I’m pretty sure the salsa is meant for fresh; I don’t know how it would can. That recipe I use straight off Allrecipes. Apples-and-onions is about as straightforward as you can get: chop up some apples and onions so you end up with about equal quantities of each, saute together, add salt and maybe pepper. (And sage, if you’re .)

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