A Week+ In Alder – what have I been up to?

Jan 8th Summary

This month’s theme is Addergoole!
Going to Addergoole East, an introduction to the school for a young student, was written to [personal profile] clare_dragonfly‘s prompt.

Edally keeps going! Enrie’s family are quite difficult…

If you’re new to Edally, start here. It’s a steampunk boarding school setting, following a 3-person team of students as they make their way through their first year at the prestigous Academy.

A Tribute – Where Dreams Live
It’s been a bad week for the world, so I wrote a small story of hope.

A Beautiful Friendship
[personal profile] chanter_greenie request something with Amantia and Zita from Addergoole: Year Nine.

Desired Situation…, a continuation of Want Ad, an earlier Patreon story, was written to [personal profile] clare_dragonfly‘s commission.

I made some shelves!

I continued a bit on Languary, an idea started by [personal profile] becka_sutton ([tumblr.com profile] languary), creating a language for a new setting.

Cloverleaf Character Study: Tijana the knitter – CLoverleaf has a lot of people making it work, and all of them came from somewhere
Beside the Point, a fic of Addergoole – sometimes you need to yell at Regine.

I continued my stories of Boom in Cloverleaf, playing off of some roleplay [personal profile] inventrix & I are doing, itself playing off an old story I wrote of Cya and Boom.

Prompt Calls
My December Prompt Call is going to stay open until it stops being fun 😉
The theme is “Prompt something fun for me or fun for you.” Go ahead and prompt something
Stories since the seventh are:
The Water, modern
Turnabout, Addergoole, Yr19

I also still have this Addergoole in the Apocalypse “give me ideas” call open.
Don’t Stick Out

I also:
Wrote 1200 words on an fdom cyberpunk paranormal romance novella
Wrote 440 words on a secret project
Wrote 2000 words of submissions, submitted a story, and received a rejection for a story submitted in October.

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