Languary Day (10), Noun-people, verb-people

Today is more Derivational morphology!

Okay, so, I started off with the state of being, turning a noun or a verb into a noun.

For today’s part, we’re going to go with the noun book, futheat and read, ssru (an irregular verb)

Associated Person
a book-person! Actually, first, a reading person, a reader:


When adding a suffix to a word ending in a vowel, repeat the ending consonant at the beginning of the suffix.

and then a book-person:

When moving a -VLC suffix to prefix, repeat the ending C in the beginning. If it is prefixing (a rule here that includes sh and other awkward sounds), remove the ending C in the prefix.

In this case, a reader, ssrussolss, is one who discerns the ancient texts. A ssolfutheat is one who keeps the books, a librarian.

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