Practicing my cliffhangers….

It was supposed to be the first day of summer vacation, and it was pouring outside. Sting was playing Metal Commando IV instead of climbing the Anterior Cliff, which probably would make his mother happy if she knew but was a surprisingly lame substitute for actual air and hills.

Despite being lame, it was still engrossing, and the doorbell had probably rung three or four times before the sound got through his headphones. Grumbling and swearing – and secretly hoping it was Dave and Cari saying “screw the rain, let’s climb anyway,” Sting opened the door.

“Sterling Marydel.” There were three people on the porch, all looking quite annoyed to be standing in the rain, all wearing some sort of military uniform that Sting didn’t recognize. The woman in front had short-cropped grey hair and three visible data jacks in her hairline. “We’re here about your test results.”

Part 2:

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5 thoughts on “Practicing my cliffhangers….

  1. Ooh, Last Starfighter style video game is secretly a test? Or maybe tests at school. Heh, “Commando? Your Physical Education scores are abominable. No, we like your combined Language Arts and Mathematics scores. We’re here to recruit you into the Quartermaster Corp.” :p

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