Languary Day (11 & 12), collections, tools, and -like

And yet more Derivational morphology!

Okay, so, I started off with the state of being, turning a noun or a verb into a noun.

and then I did noun-people and verb-people.

Today’s nouns are pheassat, word, and dotfit, map



Dirdphessat, a word-collection, a lexicon.

Dirdotfit, a map-collection, an atlas

(Fotafa, to run, fotafird, a planned series of runs)

Even more Derivational morphology!

Next up: tools and characteristic adjectives.

Our verb for this bit is deassa, to cut, and our noun is Toshtod, bread.

-urd, “used for”

deassurd, a cutting-thing.

durtoshtod, a bread-plate

-al, “like,” “characteristic of”

deassal, cut-like (this would be, say “it cuts like a knife,” sharp pain, often metaphoric.

laltoshtod, breadlike.

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