Addergoole in the Apocalypse: Prompts!

I have this prompt call open:

It’s 2013, 2013, 2014, 2015. The world started going to shit in 2011. Now, our characters are coming to Addergoole… or trying to get there. Or running away from it. Or just graduating. Or..??

It’s a pretty specific prompt-request, but have at it: Prompts regarding Addergoole students just after the apocalypse.

I’m still looking for prompts!

If you want, look at the tag for this and see if there’s some interaction you want to see. They should all be tagged by the year in which they occur.

Addergoole years:
Year 5 – 1999-2000
Year 9 – 2003-2004
Year 13- 2007-2008
Year 17- 2011-2015 * Apocalypse
Year 19- 2013-2014
Year 23- 2017-2018

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