Groundhog Day, Faerie Apocalypse, a Landing Page

Fran wakes up in a small post-apocalyptic town. Something’s wrong, and the townspeople are antsy. But is there more wrong than just the wolf at the door?

Part One: Dreamwidth ~ Live Journal
The sun rose. Fran woke to the dim glare coming in through curtains that would never rot…
Part Two: Dreamwidth ~ Live Journal
Fran woke before the sun to the distinctive creak of polyester bedding. She pried herself up onto an elbow… ugly curtains from the 80’s…
Part Three: Dreamwidth ~ Live Journal
Fran woke with a start. The world was too soft…
Part Four: Dreamwidth ~ Live Journal
Fran forced herself awake early. The night was still dark, but she could feel that the leaves she’d gone to sleep in had already transformed themselves into a cheap motel bed.
Part Five: Dreamwidth ~ Live Journal
Fran snuck into the bell tower and hid…

Part Six: Dreamwidth ~ Livejournal
Part Seven: DW~LJ
Part Eight: DW~LJ

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