Groundhog Day, Faerie Apocalypse, Part VII

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Fran woke the Mayor. “Gorjarn is coming. He’s going to demand me, but it doesn’t work out any better for your people if you give me over or don’t.” To the sleepy man’s face, she explained, “I’m a Ranger. We’re supposed to know things. This is what we’re going to do.”

She knew where all the weapons were. She set the mayor to waking up people and gathering them. She grabbed a team of sleepy farmers to repair the walls. Too many scouts had come through that weak spot, come up over the tree.

That left her free to do a series of protective Workings while she walked in circles around the camp, pointing out flaws and correcting weapons stances. They had only a few hours, and they were sleepy and confused. It might not work.

“Look,” she said, not directly to the teenager, but nobody else was around. “This might not work this time. But if it doesn’t work this time, it’ll work next time. Okay?”

Nobody answered her. Somehow she wasn’t surprised.

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