Groundhog Day, part the End

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The guard dog tugged at his leash, but he couldn’t escape. He whined and whimpered, but couldn’t make any other noise. He looked up at his so-called master and whimpered.

The look his master gave him was cold. “Sit. Stay. I’ve got preparations to do.”

Against his will, Nepharn the Dog sat and stayed. Around him, the village prepared for the attack, and here he was, with no way at all to break the defenses and let Gorjarn’s men in.

How had she known?

A skinny teenaged girl patted his head. “Good dog.” He thought the smile she gave him was far too vindictive. “Good dog, doing just what you’re told.

Nepharn the Dog whined. He had a feeling today was going to go very badly for him.

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