Patreon Reward Tier Profile!

I am holding a Patreon Pledge Drive in hopes of filling a slight income hole with my chosen income-garnering path, more apocalypses!

Err, I mean “more speculative fiction writing.”

Probably with some apocalypses.

So if I’m going to ask you to patronize me, I ought to tell you what you’re getting, oughtn’t I?

By now, everyone probably knows that a $1 pledge gives you access to all the patron-only stories.

But what about the higher rewards? What else can you get from me?

Pledge $5/month, and you get to tell me what to write, broadly:

Each month, I hold a theme poll here on DreamWidth, open to everyone. That determines the monthly theme, out of ten options.

Then I open a prompt call to my $5+ patrons! From those prompts, I write the month’s flash fictions and microfictions! Sometimes I’ll combine ’em, sometimes I’ll go off in a strange direction, but I’ll always use those prompts first.

In addition, when taking a new direction on a serial, starting a new serial, or making up a character for a serial, I will poll the $5+ patrons for feedback.

For instance:

Fill in the blanks:

Once, there was a [person or group of people(Family of Hikers)] who lived in a [setting descriptor] [place].

[Pronoun] discovered that [ITEM] was [adjective], and that it was up to them to fix it!

But first, [Proper Noun] had to [verb] [GROUP or ITEM].

And, if I reach the $245 milestone – “Spreading the Love Around” – I’ll ask the $5+ patrons’ input as I commission a crowdfunded artist to create a portrait of one character/month.

All that for just $5/month!

Check it out here.

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