Soft Target, a drabble of Cloverleaf

When the boss told him Cloverleaf was a soft target, Coty should’ve known better.

When the boss said the walls would come down easy with this new earth-caster, Cody really should’ve known better.

When the boss said that the guards at Cloverleaf were glorified paper-checkers and errand-runners and there was no military to speak of, Coty should’ve walked away, whatever the contract said.

When the boss screamed onward instead of retreat, Coty should’ve grabbed the boss and ran.

When the woman asked Coty if he wanted a ten-year jail sentence or a five-year collar…

Maybe he should’ve picked jail time.

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3 thoughts on “Soft Target, a drabble of Cloverleaf

  1. Dear Coty: You seem to be able to learn. Try doing it sooner next time. The world of hurt will be smaller that way. Say it with me now: “nope nope nope nope nope nope nope”. Sincerely, All of us wincing through that narrative

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