This weekend I will…

* Install a sink (with husband) – stalled, need supplies
* Get all of the dishes that are my responsibility cleaned
* vacuum at least one room
* Bake a loaf of bread. Maybe two. – baked
* Start sorting my wardrobe, with an eye towards a capsule wardrobe idea
* write at least 1300 words, mostly of catch-up on goals – 550 written, halfish of catchup.
* if possible, turn over 1 or two garden beds and plant some pea seeds & maybe some carrot seeds – 1 turned over and carrots/beets planted – second turned over and peas planted.

Inventoried seeds (woah) and started garden plan list.

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3 thoughts on “This weekend I will…

    • So, AFAICT, it’s a small, self-contained working wardrobe, somewhere around 24-37 items not counting underthings (and sometimes not counting outerwear, sometimes does). You often have one/season and put the rest of your stuff in storage/throw it away/give it away. It’s designed to reduce the closet space you need & morning wardrobe stress. For me, it’s more, “hey, the last 7 years have been jeans-and-flannel, I need a professional wardrobe in a hurry. 24 items is a reasonable number, I can get to that without breaking the bank.” So those 24 items need to work with what I already have and work together – which means I need to know what I already have that will work.

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