Plans, a drabble of Cynara

a good 30, 60 years after the last-written Doomsday story as of now.

Cya leaned over a list of names with her youngest school-aged descendant. He’d brought the list home home from his first year at Addergoole, every classmate in his year and the two years above him.

She let her finger pause over three names. “These three are not related to you at all, even remotely. And this one is also not related to any of the Boom brood. These two are pretty far distant, but sticking to the ones that aren’t descended from Boom is better.”

Her (great-great-so-many-greats)-grandson glanced over at her. “Why?”

“Oh,” Red Doomsday smiled, “I’m working on a thing. It might not help you, but it’ll help your kids.”

Her grandson – one of Yoshi’s line, with a disturbing resemblance to Yoshi’s father – smiled cautiously. “I trust you. So, these three?”

Trust. Cya did another Find on the list. “This one’s the best. The safest.”

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7 thoughts on “Plans, a drabble of Cynara

    • And a plan in case that plan goes sideways, and a plan to back up that plan in case the plan goes pear-shaped, and a plan to back up that one in case it disintegrates on contact with the enemy… Eventually something will chew through all the plans and have her for lunch. Until then, all the plans, ever.

      • I wonder whether this one’s about genetics, or about generations of obligation to addergoole, or something else …

        • She started out planning for everything – that’s her father and the first thing he taught her being “always know your escape route” and other lovely things. And then she found herself “the stable one” for Boom and mother to two small boys at the same time. And then the world really DID end and she NEEDED a large part of her planning.

        • And a sudden thought, how are we to know that when something, “Gets through the plans and eats her,” that this wasn’t in fact another plan?

          • to be honest, we’re talking about a demigod who’s spent her entire life planning for ever contingency AND making contacts with the whole world. I think what we’re talking about is “get through her plans and TRY to eat her.”

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