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She hadn’t meant to run – to flee, that is. Drifa hadn’t really been meaning to do anything, not consciously. The pain had come, and she’d been trying to get away from it. A little walking, that would help. A little running, maybe that would help more. She hadn’t noticed for a good twenty minutes that she wasn’t running, she was flying. She hadn’t noticed until she landed that she was wearing a sheet and nothing else.

Crows were landing all around her, settling in the snow and cawing questions at her. Drifa cleared her throat and answered. “Lost,” she told them, “new-fledged.” It was close enough, and none of them questioned her size.

Nor did they question her nudity in the snow, but, then again, they were all nude in the snow, too. And neither she nor they thought it was strange that she could both understand them and talk to them.

It seemed the crows knew more strangeness than they wanted to admit: They understood where she had come from. But none of them would show her the way back.

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