Such a lovely weekend!

This was my Big Four-Oh, or, as I like to think of it, the very beginning of a 7-month-long celebration. And it was an awesome celebration!

We went to visit our friends in Troy (E.Mc and Pivin; I was in their wedding a couple years ago. We visit them as much as we can manage). There we had awesome sliders (the only meat-on-bread you’ll get me to eat, unless you count tortillas as bread) at http://slidindirty.com/, a short but very fun hike at Saratoga Spa State Park (Hot springs!) and a longer hike around Saratoga Springs, the town. I found some lovely books in a used book store described to me as having non-Euclidian geometry involved in its layout (I think it’s just L-Space 😉 and a nice necklace in a really creepy “antique” market going out of business.

Then we had dinner at http://www.pecksarcade.com/ – nom nom nom.

There was a lot of eating involved in this trip! 🙂 Also a good deal of drinking. The next day was all-you-can-eat sushi as well as buying a bow tie for the kitties (They liked it fine once we took the bell off).

There may be photos. I’ll check tonight.

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