The Expectant Wood, Chapter One: Trouble at the Stamen

Chapter One: Trouble at the Stamen

“Mem! Pearl! Come onnn.” The nearer you got to the center of the island, the steeper the terrain got, the further ahead Nimbus’ mother and older sister got, and the more her little sister Billow complained about it….

Nimbus and her family are on an ordinary expedition to the Center of the island of Aereaxera when things start getting a bit noisy.

This fantasy adventure story takes place in and around the sky islands of The Aereaxerer archipelago. It will post once/month (although it will start at 2 posts/month to catch up) and is available to all Patreon patrons.

Supporting my fiction on Patreon costs as little as
$1/month and gives you access to stories above and beyond those posted here on Dreamwidth/Livejournal.

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