Landing Pages Updated: Superheroes, Reiassan (mostly), Facets of Dusk & Space Accountant

Superheroes (LJ) (there were actually new posts to this!)
Reiassan (LJ) (the temporary add-on page) (still missing a couple…)
Space Accountant (LJ)
Facets of Dusk (LJ)

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7 thoughts on “Landing Pages Updated: Superheroes, Reiassan (mostly), Facets of Dusk & Space Accountant

    • Of course, if I could get myself to move over to wordpress, I could have automated landing pages and not have to do this manually anymore…

        • So, I have a lyn thorne alder page but it’s currently on someone’s server where I don’t have much and I don’t have much control. I want to move it to the server where I have addergoole and edally etc. but that’s owned by my friend DB who works 911 and thus is generally working when I’m at home and asleep when he’s not working. Also… nerves?

          • I hear you! There’s this domain sitting waiting for me to do something with it, and I haven’t figured out what. Nerves about particular failure mode, or about making changes generally, or …? Is coordinating with DB by email an option? Would it make sense to, say, host on wordpress’s free site while getting the coordination sorted out, or set up a practice site there so you’re more comfortable with the process?

            • Nerves… Urm, probably just because there’s a lot of moving parts. I might try coordinating with DB by e-mail. And I do have a free site on WordPress!

              • Woot! We can set up our free wordpress sites in parallel. I should get my pottery photos uploaded or something …

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