Seconds to Love

He was late.

Ruth shifted from foot to foot while she scanned the museum.

He’d always been late, she supposed: her friends had been born with soulmate timers that read eighteen, twenty, maybe twenty-two years. Ruth’s had read twenty-six years, three days, and 13 hours.

Now it read 30 seconds, and her “blind date,” the love of her life, was late. Didn’t he have a timer, too? Ruth had heard horror stories, one-way loves…

“Put your hands up. Stay cool and nobody gets hurt!” A strong grip pulled Ruth against a sturdy body. The wrist against her throat beeped 0:00.

Written to the prompt here: 100 words.

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  1. Will she turn to a life of crime to join him? Will he turn straight to join her? Will they look at each other and conclude that while they might eventually love each other, right now they can’t stand each other, and go their separate ways? All the questions! (Again!)

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