August (Worldbuilding) Challenge Day One: Measurements

It went like this: SeaLemon has this August Doodle Challenge (Tumblr), and it looked interesting, but in that “neat-but-not-quite” sort of way.

I mentioned I wanted to do a Worldbuilding challenge based on the doodle challenge. [personal profile] inventrix offered to make me a modified list.

Day 1 is Measurements. This is a wearable measurement tool from Reiassan, showing several sizes of cord gauge (alphabetical from K to N), a small ruler measuring up to 3 Demai, or a Taiden, a “knot.” A taiden is 1/10 of a gorzhee, a “reach.”

(Day 2 is Climate)

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  1. I’ve seen similar tools, including as pendants, but more often as a thing on a keyring. I’d want to round off the corners on those points.

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