Notice: Meta-Conversation with Lady Taisiya’s Third Husband upcoming

My post yesterday regarding meta-conversations seemed to go over well, so I am going to work my way through the setting options, one meta-conversation a month (If the first one goes well, I’ll add in a Patreon level for more!).

First up is one of the first two suggested: Jaco, from Lady Taisiya’s Fourth Husband. I picked Jaco to start because he’s mouthy, and thus more likely to take questions in stride and actually answer them.

So… Leave questions for Jaco here! Once I have a few, I’ll write up a scene. 🙂

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  1. Let’s see, this is setting questions? (Because I have so many personal questions, like “What do you do to keep the chains?” “What kind of deal was it for your family?” “What would you prefer to have if you had the choice?”) Setting questions: What kind of duties does a husband have? Does divorce exist? Do husbands have to be sexually faithful? Are they ever set out to stud?

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