Conlang all year round – Morphambuary in August

I decided I missed conlanging, and I’d missed many months of “365 Conlang thingies beyond #Lexember,” so I decided in the remains of August, I would cycle through the first 8 months twice.

Today, Morphambuary – Coin a bound morpheme a day in January.

Starting with Calenyena: Bekkut comes from two words no longer used on their own, beka, fish, and tukut, river. These words have been replaced with new words with similar meanings, but a bekkut is still a river-fish, and torkut, from Tora, grass, is still a river-grass.

In Addergoole/Fae Apoc’s Old Tongue, there are a number of morphemes only used as modifiers of other words. In the old ideograph system, they are often modifying diacritics.

-eleg is one of those. It means base in the sense of baseborn: lower, less-worthy, illegitimate.

In the word shenera, child, this would become shener/eleg/a, for instance.

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  1. If it can’t be used on its own, then it’s not a word but a morpheme. Reading the article may be useful for you, but I would suggest reading only up to the section “Other features of morphemes”, and you may want to hold off on that one till you’ve had a chance to digest the rest.

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