Conlang all year round – Polysemarch in August

Turns out I missed conlanging, and as I’ve missed many months of “365 Conlang thingies beyond #Lexember,” I decided in the remains of August, I would cycle through the first 8 months twice of conlang-exercises twice.

Today is Polysemarch – Add a new meaning a day to an existing word in March. This might be challenging for my Old Tongue vocabulary of 15-or-so words…

So I looked up Polysemy, assuming that was the basis for this challenge. It includes this phrase… “…usually related by contiguity of meaning within a semantic field.(11)


We covered bunnies in Calenyen in Lexember.

A kaler is a domesticated fur rabbit. When in the wild, or in a burrow, it pops its head up to look around, much in the way early steam-pressure-relief valves did. (See also pressure cookers). Thus, a kaler in engineering terms is a pressure-relief valve, especially but not always a pop-up valve.

And in my 15-Word Old Tongue, we have a plot-based word, aeosthena, which means, in essence, “father-of-many,” “desirable stud.”

A tongue-in-cheek use of the word appeared in the early 18th century, mostly by Grigori scholars: in a manner similar to the Erdős number, a scholarly aeosthena was one whose papers had “spawned” new ideas or new papers, or one who had created many protegees, in part by co-publishing.

Polysemarch 2/ Juneme 2

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  1. I’m now imagining some pressure-relief valves or covers being decorated with either rabbit ears, or as rabbit heads.

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