Conlang all year round – Auxpril in August

I am going through 365 Conlang thingies beyond #Lexember one month/day in the second half of August…. because I wanted to. See conlang 365 tag for the ones I’ve done so far…

April’s Auxpril is about getting new fans! (Which leads of course to the question of: for what? I’m a mult-project girl; should I focus on fans for the fan-fic (blood for the blood god?), fans for Edally, fans for my vast corpus of unfinished work (i.e., this blog…)

Sometimes, one of those can translate into another, in theory. So I’ll ask about all three:

  • Where do you go to find Fanfic? I have accounts and stories posted on AO3 and Twisting the Hellmouth, and don’t mind writing in a specific fandom if it draws people.

  • Where do you go to find original fiction on the internet? I’m listed on Web Fiction Guide, Epiguide, and Muse’s Success (shamless plug: I still pay in fic for every two reviews, and Edally is sadly underreviewed)

  • Writers: Where do you go to find audience?
    I know [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith and others have used the Bingo Challenges to go fishing for audience; did you find that it worked?
    Project Wonderful ads, sure, but how do you make them engaging enough to draw people in?

  • If you’re already a regular reader, how did you find this blog?
    Any suggestions on making it easier for readers to move from one section of my work (blog, fanfic, serial) to another?

Thanks! Also, if you’re a new fan, thank you! Where did you come from and how do I clone you? 😀

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  1. Erm, I think I am not a good one for the survey…. I found the blog through you! Ahem. And I read online through LJ and that is about it – So you, Haikujaguar, ursulav, and ysabet. There are a couple people on Dreamwidth I look at, typically when Ysabet links to their stuff. So I am lazy and all…

  2. 1) Mostly I don’t. Occasionally I’ll read something a friend writes or recommends, but I don’t follow enough popular media to take an interest in most recent fanfic. 2) Same. I’ll chase things from ‘s book reviews or metafilter or other recommendations, but generally I have more than plenty to read, including a backlog of physical books. 4) I don’t remember — maybe ? Probably someone I was following from Torn World pointed to something of yours. I think I latched on to Dragons Next Door and read other stuff as it showed up. (… and should get back to the Aunts timeline. Guh, maybe after the show there will be time.)

  3. 1) Mostly, I don’t. But as I am occasionally found reading some, I usually find it through Google. 2) Again, mostly, I don’t. I’d not heard of any of those sites you mentioned, before you mentioned them. 4) kelkyag pointed me here.

  4. 1) Google, but I generally don’t bother with fanfic. 2) TopWebFiction voting page. 4) I think it was via your signature on the addergoole forum, or a link somewhere otherwise related to addergoole. I remember it was definitely NOT easy to find, which was extremely frustrating because I -wanted- to read more of your writing; looking for more of your work was how I found that abandoned story (Wild Ones’ Blood), then the forums. Just make sure it’s easy to find links to your stuff. Get all of the various bits organised on one page/post/image/whatever is easiest for you (you may already have something like this – your landing page is a good example). Ensure that one source of truth is -always- up to date. Link to it everywhere that’s logical to do so: a ‘my other writing’ link on your story websites; forum signatures or profile pages; email signatures if you use that… you get the idea.

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