Weekend, Pinterest, Instant Pot, etc.

  • If you use Pinterest, have you ever found yourself in Pinboard Bloat? Like, you start a board, Pinterest suggests some similar boards, so you follow them, then Pinterest is like “try these suggested pins” so you pin those and the next thing you know, your little board of, say, Addergoole Changes is a giant behemoth of mermaids and satyr beefcake and winggy people?

    Or, ah, is that just me?

  • Have I mentioned I love our InstantPot? So far, we’ve only made two dishes in it, but love it!
  • If you haven’t checked in on the new Addergoole page, you can still earn fic with comments!
  • And if you know anyone who might be interested in supporting my Patreon, Nimbus is stuck in the man-eating plant, and only the patrons can get her out!

    (a couple patrons had to reduce or drop patronizing due to funding issues, and thus we are back down below the $40 net “serial episode a month” level. Poor Nimbus! Stuck! ~Woe~!)

  • And this weekend: We installed a toilet!
    Seriously, even if they tell you when you buy a toilet that there’s a wax ring in the package, buy two. Not one, two. You won’t regret it.

    That being said, our pretty new reasonable-height dual-flush toilet is in and goes, YAY!

    Our old one had been first stained by our rusty water.

    And then some previous tenant had used something so corrosive to clean the orange that it had stripped the enamel off the porcelain.

    And then the house was winterized, and the blue dye… stained the porcelain.

    Black veined toilet! Ick!

    (we’re looking into water softeners now…)

    That’s one more step towards a non-ugly bathroom!

  • I’m low on interesting links this week, so how about you? Share your cool links!

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0 thoughts on “Weekend, Pinterest, Instant Pot, etc.

  1. does a quick Googling Ooh, that looks like a nifty item. I don’t think you’ve mentioned it yet, but it sounds like something handy to have.

      • From the reviews and blog posts I’ve checked that seems to be the common reaction. And I see they’ve got a built in yogurt setting, that’s something I’ve been considering making.

        • Yeah, *grins*, T. had just sent me a link from the Prime page when the Kitchn posted an article called “what you should buy on Prime Day”, & the Instant Pot was top among the items. It’ll probably be more a summer thing than a winter thing for us, because in the winter we can slowcook things in a pot on the wood stove, but the pressure cooker feature is really nice.

  2. Pinterest has annoyed me greatly by attempting to make itself useless to people who aren’t logged in, but I’m entirely capable of gathering up Far Too Many Shiny things in any number of other ways. And I’m way overdue to post a pile of links…

    • As someone without an account I have all but given up on clicking on any Pinterest links. I was even debating getting an account but became so annoyed by that mal-feature that it actively changed my mind. Maybe if I’d made an account before it was made unusable for people without one, but since I hadn’t…

      • EXACTLY! I had been slowly thinking about bending and opening account, as aggregation is handy and I want to see things like ‘s collection of honey badger cartoons, and various collections of larp-related suggestions and how-to links, and fiber arts stuff, but then it went (in multiple stages of increasing annoyance, even) from being a place I could browse and be tempted by and link into to being a source of irritation every time I followed a link there. I’m kind of curious as to how their campaign for account creation has gone, and how large or small a contingent we irritable grumps are. I can’t imagine that people just finding it now and unable to browse at all find it appealing.

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