Summer Weekend

I think I got more sun this weekend than I have in the entire summer. Thank god for sunscreen…!

Saturday, T. and I hiked out (okay, “drove” out) to an antique festival in Penn Yan, which is:

1. About an hour from home
2. On one of the tips of Keuka Lake
3. Home to several good Amish/Mennonite-run markets

Which pretty much tells you what our day looked like!

We spent a couple hours at the antique fest and got… one really nice fireplace poker. It’s a really nice fireplace poker, though, with a good long hook at the end, made out of bar stock.

Then we hit two wineries on our side of Keuka that we never make it to, bought a bunch of really tasty wine, and stopped for lunch at a food truck serving bison BBQ (super tasty!)

Somewhere in there, we hit our favorite Amish grocery store for some bulk foods and ridiculously tasty cheese n’ stuff…. Then we came home and napped forever. Good day!

Sunday, we headed out to the nearby Taughannock Creek for our first creekwalk of the season. On the way home, we stopped at a farmstand and bought a jillion things… Um. Well, nearly. Half a peck of peppers and half a bushel of canning tomatoes. Nom!

Side note: Paula Deen’s deep-fried summer squash recipe really is quite good.

It was quite a fun weekend, all things considered. A good couple summer days.

Oh, and I got into bullet journaling but that’s like at least two blog posts on its own…

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