Funfic (of Addergoole post-apoc): A Stalking

I’ve been wanting to do this as a roleplay for years but here it is as the beginning of a story.

She had been tracking him since she left Addergoole.

Neither her innate nor her Words led to tracking, so she went by rumor and hearsay, following breadcrumbs. She left her children at Maureen’s and what crew she’d had had crumbled, so it was just her, her and her grudge, moving across the remains of the countryside, chasing hints.

He was moving, too. He’d graduated three years before her; he’d had a lot of time to make trouble. She’d stop at a town and ask: have you seen him? Dark hair, broad shoulders, he always wears this leather jacket? And they’d say, why do you want him?

She’d had to tell one town she wanted to kill him before they’d tell her where he went. Another one, “justice” was enough of an answer.

She’d traded in favours and gone into debt with her former classmates for three items. She didn’t know how she’d pay them back yet, but they were immortal, and she could worry about that once she’d had her revenge.

It took her six months to get close enough to his trail that she could see the wreckage for herself. When she reached an enclave where they flat-out refused to say anything, she knew she was, if not there, very nearly so.

She found him standing on a hillside just outside the enclave, his camp everything she expected of him. His back was to her, but she knew that jacket, the way his hair fell in ragged braids, the set of his feet, as if he owned the whole world.

She snuck up behind him and triggered her first magical item. “You belong to me,” she told him.

“I belong to you,” he agreed, because the magical item compelled him to. His voice sounded strange. She didn’t care.

“Sit down with your hands behind your head and say nothing.”

He’d said the same thing to her, when he’d trapped her. She thought it was fitting.

He turned around as he sat down; she hadn’t told him not to, after all. His hands were behind his head. His eyebrows were lifted.

Her heart was in her throat. He looked almost right… but this wasn’t her guy.

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