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Edally Academy Chapter 43B: Wrong in the Aether

“Class,” Enrie agreed. She took Saydrie’s offered hand, bowed to both women much as he had, and waited the half-second for Taikie to do the same before they strolled out of there.

Holding Saydrie’s hand let her control the pace to that stroll; she was pretty sure if she hadn’t been, they’d have

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Weekend, with and Big E.

Weekend Holiday!

This weekend, we drove up to Troy (Albany) to see our friends E. Mc & Kris. It’s about a 4-hour drive, so not one we make all that often (maybe 2-3 times a year).

On the way, we finally hit Black Bear Winery, a “grape-free winery” so far out in the middle of nowhere and so very far off any of the NYC wine trails that I’m not sure how they survive… and only a 15-minute detour off our normal route to Troy.

We eventually, slightly tipsier and with three bottles of wine-like product in the trunk (tasty stuff!), ended up in Troy, where we found out we were going to see a comedian at the Troy Music Hall! We saw Jim Breuer, who… well, he wasn’t my style, but his opening act was awesome.

The next day was the planned main event – the Big E, as mentioned last week.

Oh mannnn. We were there for seven hours. We ate so much fair food (fried dough! my favorite~. Lobster rolls! (That was new). Maple Milkshake… Nom!). We bought Flannel! From Vermont! (of course). We saw cows and goats and sheep and … no chickens, though. There was a tiny historical village! There were ~~So Many People~~. There was ~so much music~. It was a bit of sensory overload…

…and I’m not really sure what happened after that. Well, the road ate Kris’ car, keeping with the current curse-of-the-visiting, there was a very good brunch the next day, and we went to a genuine mall, something I don’t do much in Ithaca, since we don’t really have one of those.

Also, we bought booze. This seems to be a theme.

I’m back, it’s Monday, and I have Trip Hangover. Can’t wait to do it again!

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Visible Bisexuality: Stranded World ficlet

This is #BiWeek2016. Today, I’m looking at Stranded World and the sub-setting of Summer’s unnamed college.

See “Still Gay? for an earlier story in this setting featuring the same theme.

Summer’s threesome debuted here; their roommate Addison first appeared here.

Summer and Mellie and Bishop were snuggled on the loveseat, Summer in the middle, the way she so often seemed to be, munching on the homemade popcorn Mellie had just made. Add was curled in the chair, flipping channels idly, their eyes on the trio as much as they were on the screen.

“That,” Bishop called. “Stop there.”

That was an old, old episode of Baywatch. Add raised in eyebrow in Bishop’s direction, squished as he was next to both his girlfriends.

Bishop grinned back at them, entirely unabashed. “Mellie likes to watch the slow-running,” he explained, “and I’m pretty fond of young Hasselhoff.”

“Ah.” Add had a feeling their eyebrows were doing something wriggly. They set the remote down and reached for the chili-and-chocolate-coated popcorn. “Variety is the spice of life, aah?”

“And we do like things spicy,” Summer agreed.

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