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Whatif…a very AU story Continued

Goes with this:

and then this:

Cynara had been on the move for a week. She’d woken up every morning and tried to figure out where she should go, and for some reason, answers had kept coming to her.

She’d found unattended food and a surprise stop at a sidewalk sale (the clerk was in the alley, making out with her boyfriend), toiletries and even and unlocked motel room. She’d found bus after bus that had a spot open for cheap or a soft spot for the sad look, and money seemed to appear when she really needed some.

She’d also nearly been found by police three times, police who were clearly looking for her. She had run away, she supposed, but neither her foster parents nor her father should’ve expected her to stay put for too long.

She hopped off the latest bus and looked around. The feeling in her gut, the empty hole, tugged, and she looked around.

There. He looked tired and resigned. He looked lost.

She had no idea who he was, but she needed to talk to him.

She crossed against traffic in a bee-line straight for him, not caring how it must look.

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In Which I’ve Discovered Bullet Journals

If you look at my twitter feed lately, you may have noticed that I’ve developed a bit of obsession.

// Journals!

(my Pinterest board will tell a similar story, but we’ve already discussed how many of you don’t like Pinterest…)

I’m not all that good at remembering to do things; I’m not all that good at maintaining habits once I start them. That whole, “do a thing for xx days and then you’ll keep doing it? Doesn’t happen for me; I stop on the xx+1 day and just… stay stopped.

It’s a little too soon to tell for sure, and there’s always, of course, the question of how much I’m going to get wrapped up in the pretty bits – banners! Color coding! Icons!

// at the moment, it seems to be helping me hold to things I want to remember to do everyday, so I’ll count it as at least a short-term win. Dishes every night! Walkies every night! Edally is almost back on schedule!

Bonus? I made a “weight loss” page in my bullet journal (It’s up there in the September Set-up, with the bubbles) … and then I started doing Weight Watchers again. Maybe this’ll be the thing that actually makes me stick to it this time!

Current mood: optimistic, with pretty banners. 🙂

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