Stone Soup and Other Gifts

Katydid tried not to think about it.

The thing about her tricks was, they didn’t work if you focused on them – you being her, them, anyone. Lots of her brain worked – or didn’t work – that way; the minute you tried to pin something down, it was gone. Home? No, nothing there. When she was thinking about something else, she could remember the smell of the kitchen, or the feel of the old leather couch, or hugs. She remembered hugs the most often. School? Chalk dust and notebook paper and exactly how to fold a note for maximum cuteness and pass-ability.

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  1. Ooof. The price — or part of the price — of getting from A to B is not knowing how you got there? I wonder if she’s fae, or “just” fae-touched, or if there’s actually a sharp difference. <vast curiosity>

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