Weekend, with E.mc and Big E.

Weekend Holiday!

This weekend, we drove up to Troy (Albany) to see our friends E. Mc & Kris. It’s about a 4-hour drive, so not one we make all that often (maybe 2-3 times a year).

On the way, we finally hit Black Bear Winery, a “grape-free winery” so far out in the middle of nowhere and so very far off any of the NYC wine trails that I’m not sure how they survive… and only a 15-minute detour off our normal route to Troy.

We eventually, slightly tipsier and with three bottles of wine-like product in the trunk (tasty stuff!), ended up in Troy, where we found out we were going to see a comedian at the Troy Music Hall! We saw Jim Breuer, who… well, he wasn’t my style, but his opening act was awesome.

The next day was the planned main event – the Big E, as mentioned last week.

Oh mannnn. We were there for seven hours. We ate so much fair food (fried dough! my favorite~. Lobster rolls! (That was new). Maple Milkshake… Nom!). We bought Flannel! From Vermont! (of course). We saw cows and goats and sheep and … no chickens, though. There was a tiny historical village! There were ~~So Many People~~. There was ~so much music~. It was a bit of sensory overload…

…and I’m not really sure what happened after that. Well, the road ate Kris’ car, keeping with the current curse-of-the-visiting, there was a very good brunch the next day, and we went to a genuine mall, something I don’t do much in Ithaca, since we don’t really have one of those.

Also, we bought booze. This seems to be a theme.

I’m back, it’s Monday, and I have Trip Hangover. Can’t wait to do it again!

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  1. Sounds like fun! Maple milkshakes sound dangerous — must try that. 🙂 Did you get flannel fabric, or things made out of flannel? Wool or cotton? Fiber geek is curious!

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