I’m doing another Bingo, perhaps

<td width=20% bgcolor=" #cce6ff
” style=’border: 1px solid #900; vertical-align:middle’>Enemies
Regine & Cya

From the Family Library
Jason’s Roses
Alternative Professions
Cousin Artemisia
Rosaria, Cady, Lily
Relative values: Families
Aud and Zizny Back Fence
A Murder to Solve Early Morning
Summer Solstice
Everything Changes Jealousy
A Battle / Fight / Confrontation Teenagers
Beryl and Chalcedony.
Wild Card
Wild Card
Deborah’s backstory
Sensory Deprivation
Close Crop/Zoom Wabi / Sabi It will be a Terrible Scandal
Grannies/Aunt misdeeds
Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics
Electromagnetic Waves
Virginity / Sexual Inexperience All the Dead Characters are Living Together Alpha / Beta / Omega Mutation / Transformation
Outsider POV

This is [community profile] ladiesbingo, which means each prompt should involve the relationship between women.

Now taking prompts! I’ll mark the squares above as they are prompted, and your prompt has a better chance of being written if it is in line with previous prompts (so I can make a bingo, you see).

Any setting of mine and any fandom I can write comfortably is up for grabs. Not sure about the fandom? Feel free to ask!

Edited to add: The prompt explanation post

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0 thoughts on “I’m doing another Bingo, perhaps

  1. Relative values: families: The back-fence conversation between Aud and Zizny. It will be a Terrible Scandal: The grannies in the Aunt Family going over all the various misdeeds of one or more potential Aunts. Alternative Professions: What is Cousin Artemisia planning to do with her degree (?) in Curses?

  2. Alpha / Beta / Omega: the empresses of Calenyena across the millenia, planning for the unknown unknowns. There may someday be a last empress, but that doesn’t mark the end of their plans and influence. ETA: I realize this is not the trope-y interpretation the phrase. Close Crop/Zoom: Scouting mission with Az and Kel. Fails the “ladiesbingo” aspect. Bah. Teenagers: Beryl and Chalcedony. Maybe Beryl and her Boys.

  3. <inspects grid colors and prompt selections> You have plenty? You want more? You are filtering for things that work for you and for the bingo call, I think?

    • If you have tragedy or Mutation / Transformation prompts I could totally use those. 😀 I am filtering for things that work for me/the call, yep. I am not CERTAIN Zizny counts…

      • Zizny is the one who’s taking on a female role for social convenience while the Smiths are living in a gendered society? I think that could be part of a fascinating investigation of social gender. 🙂 Tragedy: Background of Deborah‘s story, possibly about Pearl or others in her generation. Mutation/Transformation: Something in Unicorn/Factory? Ursel, or the winged foal, black and white unicorns meeting, …? Or the Rebellion — different scale, that.

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