This suits my mood: my very belated Hurt/Comfort Bingo Card

Since I Finished a Bingo in Ladies’ Bingo…

Now Taking Suggestions for [community profile] hc_bingo!

Suggestions can either be a generic prompt like “Bites, okay, what about an animal attack in Fae Apoc… a /wyvern/ attack?” or specific like “Restrained: Amrit and Mieve.”

(Except not those two because nyaaah)

near death experience runaways dungeons restrained body image issues
toothache loss of vision dub-con destruction / natural disasters [forgiveness]
[forced to participate in illegal / hurtful activity] [burns] WILD CARD secret allies abuse
[on the run] [bites] [family] [trapped together] [archaic medical treatment]
hypothermia drowning [isolation] [homesickness] [betrayal]

Filled [Prompted]

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0 thoughts on “This suits my mood: my very belated Hurt/Comfort Bingo Card

  1. Betrayal: Aunt Family/What got Uncle Willard banished? Archaic medical treatment: Aunt Family/There’s gotta be one in there somewhere, still useful — and likely thoroughly unpleasant — in the age of modern medicine. Homesickness: Dragons Next Door/Cousin Artemisia at, um, for lack of a better word, college. Runaways: Aunt Family/Why did Robbie end up in the barn? I desperately want dub-con to be related to dubstep, but I know it isn’t. Doesn’t prevent me from wanting it.

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