Stay Up Till Nano With Me: Mini Prompt Call~

I’m looking for a few prompts on my new ‘verse, Arlend.

It’s a small nation in a cold place at least 4 generations post-apocalypse.

The nation is totalitarian, the government is military, and the magic is spirit-based.

If THAT ‘verse doesn’t interest you, there’s also 4th Husband, the sub-verse Beekeper is in, and Aerax (The Expectant Wood) up for grabs.

And, because the goal of this is kickstarting my writing for the evening, please leave your prompts in the form of:

9 is for… [prompt]

10 is for…

11 is for…

Midnight is for….

I dunno, it’s new. You guys are creative, come up with something.

(and for tomorrow-Friday:
1, 2, 3, 4 are for…)

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5 thoughts on “Stay Up Till Nano With Me: Mini Prompt Call~

  1. 9 is for the beginning of the Arlend school year. 10 is for the new kid meme. 11 is for everyone else knows everyone. 12 is for the thing only the new kid knows. (I hope I did this right.)

  2. 1 is for broken pottery. 2 is for walking through fallen leaves. 3 is for recalcitrant hardware. 4 is for leaping and bounding. (…glares half-heartedly at the ‘verse selections.)

    • I was gonna say “You like Things Unspoken!” but then realized I’d forgotten to add it to the list. As well as Stolen. And, uh, one ‘verse of Kelkyag’s choosing.

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