Archive | July 6, 2017

Summer Vacation, a vignette of Jamian et al for Patreon

Part of my continual crosspost/mirroring project

Set some years after the apocalypse. Jamian is a character from my first webserial, Addergoole.  Miryam came from Addergoole: Year 9.  This is just a little bit of them on a beach, to Rix’s prompt and Wyste and B’s choice of characters.  Oh, and Cay and Vi are also from Addergoole.  Arna has most of her mentions in Addergoole: a Ghost Story but also comes up  in Year Nine


Jamian still loved the idea of summer vacation.  The world had more or less fallen down around their ears; the resort towns were all boarded up, fallen down, or walled off into compounds; there was no office job to take a vacation from, no school to get the kids out of, and his kids were all out of the nest anyway.  But he still would take a week and just walk down to a beach somewhere to dip his feet in the water, while Cay and Vi laughed at him from a solid vantage point.
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